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3.5. Image Viewer for High-Definition Images

The operating method of an image viewer for High-Definition Images is as follows.
You can do scaling a image by operation of a mouse wheel and move the display area by the drag operation.

3.5.1 Browse the High-Definition images

Image Viewer for High-Definition Images

・The type of High-Definition Images

There are three kinds of types for High-Definition images, and you can use different functions by a type.
The above screen shows a type of "Document"

Documents (Bunsho) The image contains multiple pages.
You can move a page by toolbar.
The side bar (described later) is displayed when you are browsing the image that is "Documents" type.
Picture scroll (Emakimono) It's an oblong images.
There is an oblong pan window.
Domain maps (Kuniezu) The images close to square.

・Pan Windows (Yellow frame)

The color inverted area of the Pan Window is the area which is being displayed to a screen actually.
You can move a display area smoothly by dragging a color inverted area.
*Note The Pan Window isn't shown on a smartphone browser.

・Side bar (Green frame)

When you are browsing "Documents" type image (That contains multiple pages), the side bar is displayed.
By clicking the image on the thumbnails, you can move to the page you clicked.

・Toolbar (Red frame)

The buttons for various functions are integrated to this toolbar.


(1) Pan Window Show the Pan Window.

The light green square in the Pan window is the area which is being displayed to a screen actually.
You can drag the light green square and move a display area.

(2) Fit in window Adjust image size with window.
(3) Fit to area width/height Adjust image size with window width/height.
(4) Zoom-in/out Zoom in/out by step.
(5) Rotation to left/right Rotate image (90 degrees to Right/Left).
(6) Go to Last Page Jump to the last page.
(7) Go to Next Page Move to the next page.
(8) Page Number Pull-down list Jump to the specified page.
(9) Go to Previous Page Move to the previous page.
(10) Go to First Page Jump to the first page.
(11) Print to specify the number of pages Preview and print the images
(12) Download File Download the files
(13) Full-screen mode Change the Full-screen mode
(14) Help Help page is displayed.

3.5.2 Print the High-Definition images

For print function, see "2.5.3. Print in High-Definition Images".

3.5.3 Download the images

The operating method of download images is as follows.
By clicking download file button on the toolbar, download file window is displayed. You can choose the image format of "JPEG" or "JPEG2000".

Download the High-Definition images

(1) Close button Close the download file window.
(2) Format and Quality Specify the image format and the image quality for download.
(3) Download button By clicking this button, download will start.

3.5.4 Toolbar support matrix

Toolbar support matrix by device type is as follows.

No. Button For PC For Tablet devices For Smartphones
1 Pan Window  (*1)  (*1)
2 Fit in window
3 Fit to area width/height
4 Zoom-in/out
5 Rotation to left/right
6 Go to Last Page  (*2)  (*2)  (*2)
7 Go to Next Page  (*2)  (*2)  (*2)
8 Page Number Pull-down list  (*2)  (*2)
9 Go to Previous Page  (*2)  (*2)  (*2)
10 Go to First Page  (*2)  (*2)  (*2)
11 Print to specify the number of pages
12 Download File
13 Full-screen mode  (*3)

*1 ・・・ When browsing a "Picture scroll", the oblong pan window is displayed.
*2 ・・・ When browsing a "Documents" type image, this button will be shown.
*3 ・・・ When using a "Internet Explorer 10", this button isn't shown.

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