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Todatsu Chiho Kiko

Mamiya Rinzo (1775-1844) was given order from Bakufu to survey the western coast of Sakhalin in the 5th and 6th year of Bunka (1808-9). He travelled northward and discovered that Sakhalin was indeed an island (discovery of Mamiya Strait) and surveyed the lower reach of Heilongjian River up to Todatsu area. This book was edited and written by Murakami Sadasuke (1780-1846) based on the expedition of the lower reach of Heilongjiang River as told orally by Mamiya Rinzo. It was completed in the 7th year of Bunka (1810) and presented to Bakufu the following year (1811). "Kita Ezo-to Chizu", "Hokui Bunkai Yowa" (10 volumes) and "Mamiya Rinzo Kita Ezo toh Kenbun Kankei Kiroku" (14 volumes and 7 appendixes) are all designated as Important Cultural Properties in the 3rd year of Heisei.