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Written by a doctor of Tokugawa Shogunate, Katsuragawa Hoshu, based on accounts of Daikokuya Kodayu who came back to Japan in 4th year of Kan'ei (1792) with Adam Laksman, a Russian envoy, and were presented to Tokugawa Shogunate in 1794. The records depict activities of Kodayu while he stayed in Russia for about 10 years after drifting ashore in Russia in the second year of Tenmei (1782), as well as geography, history, industry, customs and other topics in 12 volumes In addition to the ten maps, utensils and clothes brought back by Kodayu were drawn in color and are compiled into two scrolls. Designated as National Important Cultural Properties of Japan in the 5th year of Heisei (1993).

World Map

Original size:66.8cm and 117.6cm

Map of Europe

Original size:52cm and 72cm

Map of Asia

Original size:52cm and 72cm

Map of Africa

Original size:52cm and 72cm

Map of America

Original size:52cm and 72cm

Asia-America Map

Original size:52cm and 72cm

Map of Russia

Original size:26cm and 50.8cm

Maps of Russian territory

Entire land of Russia is divided into eight. Rulers are written for individual areas. Original size: 17.6cm and 208.8cm.

Map of Petersburg City

Streets of Petersburg, then capital of Russia. Symbols such as Japanese kana characters are written on major buildings including the palace and names of these buildings are written outside of the map. Original size: 52cm and 72cm.

Map of Japan

The map is captioned "Map of entire Japan prepared in 1786," but is said copy of a map of Japan published in 1679. Original size: 47.2cm and 72cm.

Instruments, Accessories, etc.

Daikokuya Kodayu was reported well treated by Ekaterina II (1762 - 1796). A wall painting illustrating Ekaterina II, clock, microscope and other items are copied in detail. Original size: Length 1378cm and width 29cm.

Clothes, etc.

Russian names are written on copied clothes from a hat to shoes and socks such as Kanzoro (undergarment) and Shitanoi (pleated skirt). Original size: Length 1603cm and width 29cm.