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This is a collection of pictures of fish by Okukura Tatsuyuki (a.k.a. Kougaya Chouemon, died in 1859), who ran a green grocer in the KandataTacho district of Edo. In the title, the word "gyosen" ("fish wizard") is Tatsuyuki's sobriquet, and "shashin" means "detailed realistic depiction." Consisting of both originals and copies of works from other collections, the collection contains more than 720 pictures of specimens including both salt- and fresh-water fish, "heike gani" (a species of crab native to Japan), and jellyfish. Rendered in vivid colors, the pictures are accompanied by script indicating the species name (also well as variant names and names in different dialects), characteristics, and even flavor. They attest to the artist's wealth of knowledge about his subjects.