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Ohmi Shugo (Rokkaku Sadayori) ke Toshiyori Rensho Hosho an (Tembun juninen jugatsu jurokunichi)

The Kutsuki were a branch of the Sasaki family hailing from Omi Province. They served as the stewards of the Kutsuki manor in that province in the Kamakura period, and the house continued through the Warring States period and into the Edo period, when some of their members became bannermen (direct vassals of the shogun) or daimyo (provincial lords). "The archives of Kutsuki family" consist of historical documents passed down in the family through the years. The Cabinet Records Bureau purchased them from the Kutsuki in 1888. Containing more than 1,060 documents, the archives were designated an important cultural property in the first year of Heisei( 1989).
Hosho-an from a vassal of Rokkaku family, Shugo of Ohmi Province, to Tanaka family who owned land adjacent to that of Kutsuki land, issued on October 16 in the 12th year of Tembun (1543). Hosho is a letter issued by a stewerd of nobles upon their order. “An” means a draft. According to this hosho, when they caught people of Tanaka land who illegally cut down the trees from mountains in Kutsuki territory, Tanaka family side inprisoned the merchants of Kutsuki in retribution. Kutsuki appleaked to Rokkaku, shugo of the province, who admitted his appeal ahd orderd Tanaka family to return the stolen things and that they should not trespass into the mountain without permission.

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