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Ashikaga Yoshitane Gonaisho (Eisho juyonen uruu jugatsu futsuka)

The Kutsuki were a branch of the Sasaki family hailing from Omi Province. They served as the stewards of the Kutsuki manor in that province in the Kamakura period, and the house continued through the Warring States period and into the Edo period, when some of their members became bannermen (direct vassals of the shogun) or daimyo (provincial lords). "The archives of Kutsuki family" consist of historical documents passed down in the family through the years. The Cabinet Records Bureau purchased them from the Kutsuki in 1888. Containing more than 1,060 documents, the archives were designated an important cultural property in the first year of Heisei( 1989).
Gonaisho of Ashikaga Yoshitane (Yoshiki) (1466-1523, the 10th shogun of Muromachi Bakufu from 1490-93 and 1508-22), dated intercalary October 2 in the 14th year of Eisho (1517) praising Sasaki (Kutsuki) Yagoro (Tanehiro) on his presentation of a sword. Gonaisho is one of the types of Jikijo (a type of documents directly signed and issued by Shogun during the Muromachi and Edo Period). It is closer to private letter but also has a quasi-official status due to high position of the person of issue.

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