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Boshin Gosokui zakki fuzu 7, Bunkado gosokui teijozu

This is a drawing is a record of the Emperor Meiji's ascension to the throne attached to "the Record of the Ascension of the Emperor to the Throne in the year of Boshin". The painter, Yoshinari Ukita (1827-93) was born in Yamaguchi Clan. After serving the clan, he entered the Ministry of Imperial Household in the 4th year of Meiji, then Dajokan Seiin (The Office for the Grand Council of the State), Naimusho (Ministry of the Interior) and in the Bureau of Documents of the Cabinet, painting a number of detailed illustrations.
This is the bird's eye view of the throne, banners and of officials on the occasion of the enthronement of Emperor Ninko in the 14th year of Bunka (1817). Original size:110.7㎝ and 131.8㎝

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