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Boshinshoyo Kinki oyobi Gunki Shinzu (Cover)

This is a precise reproduction of Imperial Standard and the colors used by Government Army during Boshin War (1868). It is said that the first Imperial banner appeared in the history is one that Abdicated Emperor Go-Toba gave to a general of the Government Army at the time of the War of Jokyu (1221). Sun and moon images were embroidered or painted with gold or silver on a red brocade. Various kinds of Imperial Standard and the colors were given to the Government Army and used during the Boshin War started at Toba Fushimi Battle on January, the first year of Meiji (1868) and ended on Goryokaku Battle on May, 2nd year of Meiji (1869). These standards and colors had been stored in Yushukan of Ministry of Army and Zusho Ryo of Ministry of Imperial Household. However, fabric inevitably deteriorates by age. The Cabinet ordered the painter Ukita Kasei to strictly reproduce these standards and colors to bring down the precise features for posterity. Ukita reproduced the 17 kinds of standards and colors on 34 sheets of drawing in two years from May, 21st year of Meiji (1888). The drawing were compiled into 4 rolls of scroll.Ukita Kasei (1827-1893) was born in Yamaguchi domain. After having served for the Clan, he worked for Ministry of Imperial Household, Grand Minister of State and Ministry of Interior and finally for Recording Bureau of the Cabinet. He left many meticulously precise paintings and drawings to posterity.Kobun Fuzoku no Zu (picutures and charts affiliated with Kobun Roku) in which this drawing are included together with "Kobun Roku (Compiled Records of the Grand Council of State )" were designated as national important properties in the 10th year of Heisei (1998).

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