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What is the National Archives of Japan's Digital Archive?

The National Archives of Japan's Digital Archive provides access to the descriptions and digitized images of the historical records preserved by the National Archives of Japan. Anytime, anywhere, freely, you can search the descriptions and view, print, or download digitized images of the holdings via the Internet.

Searching and Using NAJ Holdings

You can run a keyword or layered search, and view descriptions and digitized images of the records preserved by the National Archives of Japan.
You can make a request form to use holdings and see PDF images on this system. You can also download high definition image data of holdings.
You can run a cross-file search linked to various databases worldwide to share a wide range of information and knowledge.

Browsing our Main Holdings

This page enables you to browse the main holdings of the NAJ, such as the Japanese Constitution, Important Cultural Properties, or large-sized or colorful materials that are difficult to use in our reading room.
You can browse by category or region, and view high definition digitized images of the materials. You can also download high definition image data.

Using the "Digital Archive"

Operating Environment

You can access the "Digital Archive" on the internet by PC, Tablet device, smartphone.
When using the Digital Archive please pay attention the conditions of use of your internet provider because large volume data are delivered by this system.
On web browsers, see this page.

PDF plug-ins

To view digitized images you will need to install a PDF viewer to your PC. If you still cannot view digitaized images, please install a PDF plug-in such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Using digitized images

You can use information such as digitized images and catalogs that Digital Archives are delivered for your own purpose. But we cannot accept responsibility for your use of information from the Digital Archives and all acts are your responsibility. In a case that any trouble arises with a third party, all responsibility lies with the NAJ cannot accepy any responsibility for information use by users.


Use the following URL address to make a link to "National Archives of Japan, Digital Archive," and also you can use our banners on your website.
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