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Japan Mint, Front view

Banknotes of new Meiji government were initially manufactured in Germany and were inspected and sealed by Banknote Annex Office of the Ministry of Finance. Voices calling for domestic production of banknotes mounted high and a request to construct a banknote manufacturing plant was submitted to Grand Council of State in May, 1874. The construction of the plant was approved in December of the same year. This drawing was attached to the request document. A two-story Western red brick building was completed in October, 1876. The building was called "Choyo-kaku" and was drawn in colored woodblock prints also. "Kobun Fuzoku no Zu" (Picutures and charts affiliated with Kobun Roku)containing this drawing were designated as National Important Cultural Properties of Japan in the 10th year of Heisei (1998) together with "Kobunroku" (Compiled Records of the Grand Council of State).

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