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  • Toyako Summit Publicity panel

Toyako Summit Publicity panel

At the 34th G8 Summit at Toyako held from July 7th to July 9th in the 20th year of Heisei (2008), the image of beautiful "Full Earth" glowing in the space with words, "Our One Home", was introduced. It was taken by a high vision camera (HDTV) loaded on the lunar orbiter, Kaguya. The leaders of G8, Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda (Japan), President George W. Bush (United States), Prime Minister Gordon Brown (United Kingdom), Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi (Italy), Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper (Canada), Chancellor Angela Melker (Germany), President Nicolas Sarkozy (France), President Dmitri Anatolievich Medvedev(Russia) and President of EU Commission Jose Manuel Barroso (European Union), total of 9, autographed. Kaguya is a lunar probe launched on September 14, in the 19th year of Heisei (2007) at 10:31:01(Japan time) by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). The major goal of this project was to collect scientific data to ascertain the origin and evolution of the moon and to verify the injection to lunar orbit as well as the technology of orbital position control. (the observation operation was completed with the fall of the main spacecraft to the moon surface on June 11 of the 21st year of Heisei.)