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  • General Understandings for "Air-Raid Defense,"

General Understandings for "Air-Raid Defense,"

This is an enlightenment poster prepared by Red Cross Museum in June, the 13th yera of Showa (1938), under guidance of Eastern, Middle and Western Defense Commands. One year was initially anticipated as a preparatory period for Anti-Aircraft Defense Law that was promulgated in April, 1937. In July, 1937, Japan-China war (1937 - 1945) broke out and the law was enforced in October ahead of schedule. As air-defense activities, the law required blackout control, disinfection, anti-gas attack countermeasures, evacuation and relief, as well as monitoring, communication and warnings needed for implementation of these measures, obligating the people to restrict lights when blackout control was implemented. One of the issues to be tackled by Anti-Aircraft Defense Division of Ministry of the Interior following enforcement of Anti-Aircraft Defense Law was to infiltrate "anti-aircraft defense thought" among the people. Jointly sponsored by Japanese Red Cross, Tokyo Metropolis and Federation of Tokyo Metropolis Civilian Defense Corps and supported by Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Army and Ministry of Navy, Exhibition for Thorough Reinforcement of Anti-Aircraft Defense and Civilian Defense was staged in October, 1937. The poster was prepared based on displays exhibited at the exhibition.

Part I, General Correspondence, it has been shown basic knowledge and methods, in Air Defense illustration, Part I general understandings, Part II blackout, Part III Fire Protection, Part 4 Gas Attack.