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Blueprints of the Ueno Museum

A blueprint of Tokyo Imperial Museum in Ueno that was totally destroyed by the Great Kanto Earthquake. Designed by J. Condor, a British architect, construction of the museum building was started in March, 1878, and was completed in January, 1881. The first floor of the building was used in the 2nd Domestic Industrial Exhibition in 1881 as an art museum. On March 20, 1882, the museum was opened to public service together with the annexed zoo. This drawing was preserved with a request submitted by Minister of Home Affairs Ito Hirobumi to Grand minister of state Sanjo Sanetomi in October, 1878, requesting an increase in cost to construct the museum. "Kobun Fuzoku no Zu" (Picutures and charts affiliated with Kobun Roku) containing this drawing were designated as National Important Cultural Properties of Japan in the 10th year of Heisei (1998) together with "Kobunroku" (Compiled Records of the Grand Council of State).