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Photographs of Aiduwakamatsu Castle in 1873

Sawa Kazunori, governor of Wakamatsu Prefecture (presently the northern part of Fukushima Prefecture) sent his requirement to Iwakura Tomomi, Minister of the Right (Udaijin) to remove and rebuild Wakamatsu-jo Castle which was damaged by bombardment of Boshin War and became ruins. These 6 copies of wet glass plate photographs were submitted to show the conditions of the castle. Wakamatsu-jo Castle was demolished in July, the 7th year of Meiji (1874).Kobun Fuzoku no Zu (pictures and charts affiliated with Kobun Roku) in which these photographs are included, together with "Kobun Roku (Compiled Records of the Grand Council of State)" were designated as National Important Cultural Properties" in the 10th year of Heisei (1998) together with "Kobunroku"(Compiled Records of the Grand Council of Statee) .